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Cobalt Magazine tells the stories of women who leverage technology to live passionate lifestyles. Our women live out loud while staking their claim and grabbing their slice of life. Our magazine is named for the natural element found in fashion-forward design and the ion-lithium battery industry, Cobalt Magazine tells the story of women who make decisions to live passionately while energizing their community.


One can not dispute the fact that we live in a technologically driven world. Everyone feels the need to be "connected" in some way shape or form, and the presence of social media apps can provide this. Ever since the introduction of the smart phone, people have found an exceptional amount of uses to be incessantly plugged into the internet. But aside from the constant and almost unconscious scroll through to keep up what's trending, there's many more benefits to having a super computer glued to your hand for most of the day.

I've been a planner even before I chose an occupation that required me to be organized with time and schedules. Because of this slight obsession, I have been so grateful for the advances in technology that make organizing much more convenient than just walking around with a notebook/planner and writing in lists of things to do, deadlines, appointments, etc. My absolute favorite usage of my smart phone are the functions that help keep me organized.

Another benefit of smart phone usage is money management and financial planning. I have been able to manage my multiple accounts at the palm of my hand. Using mobile applications such as PayPal and other payment apps, it's easy to send and receive money without ever going to the bank.

Smartphone Tech

From my calendar alerts and notifications to my to-do checklist that gives me that feeling of gratification and accomplishment that motivates me; using tech to stay on top of my life has been very rewarding.

Smartwatch Tech
They're also more secure for online purchases than entering your own banking information into untrusted vendor websites. I also use applications such as Mint, developed by Intuit, the same developer for TurboTax. With Mint, I am able to track all of my accounts in one place, see when I have bills and other expenses due, set budget amounts for my spending and even check my credit score. It has been easier to set financial goals with the usage of technology than ever before.

When thinking about improvements to make in life that you could use constant encouragement and motivation for, most people can relate to the goal of weight loss and fitness. I'm not very good at sticking to routines on my own, especially when it comes to the necessary changes that are required for better health and fitness.

Using smart phone apps that require daily goals, and that can track my progress, actually help motivate me to continue a success streak.

Being able to track my success, share it with my friends also gives me enough boosts of motivation to keep going. I've used apps such as MyFitnessPal to track the calorie intake of each meal, water intake, and exercise to work towards a weight loss goal.

Motivation to meet my daily calorie goal helps me to avoid foods and snacks that will put me over my limit, and to choose healthier options instead.

This has resulted in significant fitness progress for me that I would recommend to anyone. It's also beneficial because it promotes a healthy lifestyle and not just a diet fad that can lead to unhealthy habits or future excess weight gain. Overall, the use of technology, and more specifically, smart phone usage, has redefined our daily lives tremendously.

From organizing our daily lives, financial management, and even fitness goals, these are just a few of the ways technology has swept us into a more convenient and efficient way of life. What better way to energize our lives than to plug into the latest and greatest of technology and use it to pursue our life goals!

Erica Bourne has over 14 years of professional experience in IT Project Management and Software Engineering.
 Erica Bourne
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